Turns out 'speaking in tongues' in Nigeria has a pattern after all. Usually starts with Mototoshatatatatatata... and continues repeating consonant morphemes like 'ra', 'ta', 'ma' etc. No wonder why so many people are learning it.
But what does the Bible have to tell us about speaking in tongues?:

1. The reason for speaking is so you can be heard and understood. It's therefore useless to speak in tongues when no one understands you, unless there is someone who can interpret your words or you are praying privately to God. The disciples gift of speaking in tongues allowed them speak real languages that people with other languages could hear. Most here however are clearly speaken completely 'unknown' languages.

2. The gift of tongues in the case where it lets you speak to an unbeliever in his/her own language is useful, but clearly what we see presently is unbelievers laughing presently at the foolishness of the 'Church' due to such acts. Even Paul clearly in Corinthians was trying to address the issue which seemed to had been occuring in those days too.

3. The lowest of the gifts of the holy spirit is speaking in tongues , so why not ask for better gifts when playing for the gifts of the holy spirit? Like Faith, Hope or Love, and Love is the only one that never ends.

Next time, think twice before you start. Thank You.