It was past midnight and he was still awake. He decided to go outside and receive some fresh air. Things were likely to be much better out there.
He was surprised to see a long black thin snake of about 1cm width slithering slowly across the stairs. He panicked but held himself back from shouting. What he needed now was to kill the snake. He looked for something strong enough, but there was none around. The snake was still visible and slowly crawling towards an opening in the wall. Suddenly his eyes hit the image of a huge stick at a distance. Involuntarily he headed for the stick and was back in a moment. Instantly he hit the snake on the head before it could reach the safety of the bush. He hit it again and again until there was no sign of movement from it anymore. The head was much bruised now and it was probably dead. He winced as he adored the body with scorn and disgust. What on earth was it looking for on his stairs? He wondered. He sat down on a bench thoughtfully.
Suddenly, he felt sorry for the snake. They were once said to be the wisest of all animals, and now suddenly they had turned to objects of contempt, crawling on their bellies as if in a burial procession, biting every aggressor on the heel. They were still cunning enough though. Somehow, he knew the snake was not dead yet, but for the past five minutes it pretended to be dead. Just as he was still thinking, the tail of the snake moved, half of its body moved in a coiling manner as if it was doing something. The poor animal could definitely heal itself.
There was a legend that if you left a snake without cutting its head and tail, it will resurrect even after its death. And even now he was looking at the disgustful coiling body, he believed it totally. These animals could heal and even resurrect themselves. Part of him felt sorry for having killed it, but there was an urge in him that could not be stopped. He picked up the stick and used it on the head body and tail of the snake for several seconds until he was sure it was dead or worse than dead.
He knew it was the curse on them that caused them to be looked upon with so much repugnance. And how many of this curses that have been integrated into nature has man tried to ignore? It was all hopeless. All that was meant to be will pass. How it passes is what you determine. People in the core of the thread of history can change the events of history but not its ends. All probabilities is as a result of freewill and that, we are meant to use well and wisely...