Here are some of my completed programming projects. Downloads are available on request.
1.       Data Security S.E (Completed): This is a security application that uses a combination of Microsoft inbuilt access controls and shell access. The application is quite easy to use and installs a shell context property for all folders on the user’s PC. This way, the user can right click and unlock any folder to gain access, and vice versa.

2.       Malware Cleansing Engine (Completed): This is a library I wrote for removing malwares from a system after scan. The need for the engine arose when I started writing malware security applications, I discovered that malware removal proved stubborn at times; the application was created to make sure every single malware sent to it will be removed from the system by making use of windows’ api methods, and in the future, will include kernel mode operations as well.

3.       Active Malware Scan (Completed): This is a security application that is used to scan the PC for all active malwares. This works by scanning the registry and services for entries that look suspicious, the entries are then researched further and then displayed to the user according to the suspicion level.  The user then has the ability to clean his/her PC from any changes the application has made to their PC. This application makes use of the Malware Cleansing Engine.

4.       System Inspector (Completed): This application is used to delve into the actions going on in a user’s PC. The application provides an inside look into the processes and services running on the system, ability to highlight suspicions ones, startup entries, and suspicious/incorrect registry entries.

5.       FSBot (Completed): This is an application that keeps USB devices neat, clean, and secure. This application was first written to prevent malwares from infecting USB drives as well as remove malwares from infected USB drives, with time, I modified it to take care of USB drives, which tended to have too many files, scattered inside (especially the big ones). I developed a smart algorithm to carefully arrange files in an intuitive manner that helps the user keep his files organized. In the later versions, I expect to have security abilities added to the folders on the drives.

6.       RoboSAM (Completed): RoboSAM is simply an intelligent put-together of the core components of FSBot, and AMScan. It was designed to be a permanent anti-virus solution that will enable users with limited internet connectivity forget about ever having infected systems, and also to severely reduce the amount of malware infections for users with Internet connection.

7.       Ozone Training Guru (Completed): Ozone Training Guru is an application designed for producing interactive tutorials for users. These tutorials could be used in learning in a richer and more interactive manner. The application has the ability to record screen casts and also allow the trainer to add quizzes at the end of each session of recording. The training display automatically stays on top of other windows on PC, and warns the user to resume training once the window loses focus. This way, the user is assisted in completing training packages on his/her own.