Fascinated by the world of technology, I strongly believe that I have a lot to contribute in the development of the information age. From robotics, to neuroscience, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data extraction, and algorithms, I am always thinking of how to put these technologies into use to solve the problems we face in the information age as well as develop the products that will prove the intelligence and maturity of the human race. I have been inspired by great people like Isaac Asimov, Bill Gates, Napoleon Hill and Plato.
One of the biggest problems I believe hinders the development of this era is our education system, which suppresses creativity and expression. The major battles of this age will be fought in our minds and the winners will be holding the dreams of many on their hands.
Personally, I enjoy reading, writing and talking; this as it concerns programming, novels, scientific innovations, fantasy, science fiction, love and artificial intelligence. I also participate on stackoverflow.com. See my profile. Check here for health tips.