Alone he stood in the middle of the field staring at the moon. It was unusually bright today and it seemed today was special somehow. He knew something was going to change. He had undergone trials and this was the first stage. He had learnt the theory and it was time to move on to the next learning phase. He knew from his nature, it would require a lot of adjustment, so he took the time, slicing and analyzing through his plans and goals. It was a time to live a 96% life. Three activities for the mind and an anti-clog. Charming and charming, reading and reading, assimilating and assimilating, understanding and understanding, associating and associating, doing and doing. In the end, the three goals will be achieved. And all will be well. Whether it started well or not, it must end well. And 'all is well that ends well'!
It was time..