Hello Cosmos!

The more time flies, the more I see how I need to upgrade my vehicles. Some of my projects are getting old in the nest and rest assured I'll force-hatch them out soon. Indeed the world is growing more and more ripe for rapid software and embedded development daily. It will probably be an accurate guess to say that soon, people will be able to quickly produce a device of their own unique choice in a matter of minutes, people will be able to produce softwares by just specifying what they want automatically... But this scene is still far off. What I am interested in here is to help those who look forward to this start their journey or reach faster.

As such, I have decided to dedicate more time on this blog in engaging and helping youths who are interested in software and embedded development. (I might create a separate blog for it in the future but it'll be here for now.)

For the mean time, if you have any suggestions/questions, feel free to contact me anytime

Cheers! :)