"A poll was taken among some high school students, asking them what they most deserverd. By overwhelming majority, the students answered that they wanted to become popular. Older people have the same urge. Indeed, it is doubtful if anyone ever outlives the desire to be highly regarded or to have the affection of friends and associates.

The feeling of not being wanted or needed, is one of the most devastating of all human emotions. Being needed by others is absolutely necessary for emotional stability and happiness. Yet it is sad to realize how many people suffer from a sense of isolation.

I was at a launch and once a young doctor rushed in to take his place at a table. He looked frazzled as he sat down with a worried sigh. If only the telephone would stop ringing he complained, I can't get anywhere because people call me all the time. I wish I could put a silencer on that phone.

An elderly doctor at the table spoke up. I know how you feel. I used to feel that way myself, but you should be thankful your phone does ring. Be glad people want and need you. Then he added pathetically. Nobody ever calls me anymore.
I would like to hear the telephone ring again. Nobody wants me, and nobody needs me. I am a housebin.

The feeling of not being wanted or needed can produce frustration, illness, and even aging. It is not only a sad way to live, but it is damaging to the human psyche.

If you are feeling useless, for your own sake, do something about it. Try getting out of yourself for a while. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and find a way instead to provide a service for someone else. Think about people who are less fortunate than you who need help. Volunteer for a worthwile cause, not only where you will find the esteem we all need, but others will greatly benefit by what you give."

Excepts from 'The Power of Positive Thinking'