You know, I was really investigating this stuff. Have you ever watched a kid pull your ears and laugh as you clutch them in pain? We seem to be the generation in trouble. Especially those who have not been taught their cultures properly by their parents.
As kids we are exposed not to old moonlight tales, but to the TV, cartoons that teach mischief, stealing, and other bad habits, (Thanks to my friend Tee-i) and to laugh at them. Our teenagers/youths learn about love, dressing, fashion, and even life from the TV shows and movies, and their society. Even mere newspaper headlines are 80% of the time about thieves, rape, and corruption.

Even more dangerous, this trend is moving over to the Internet.
A simple analysis would tell you that these sources, these media we are exposed to are not the best for us. 80% of them including kid stuff show morally unjust content. Not to mention that things like lying to protect our ego has become part of our lives, yet we dare call Satan the father of lies (Does it mean that you're his child then?)

It is hence obvious that a great responsibility rests in the hands of today's parents. As for myself, I have promised myself to give my children (if ever they will exist) the best they can get.
Those who have access to the media can also contribute by reviewing the kind of thing they want to show the world and recognize that they are touching the lives of many people. This is the information age where information spreads like exploding atomic particles.

Those who have already taken in a lot of this media should take their actions and habits into considerations, where did you learn them, do you think they are all in your best interest?