It takes time and understanding to percieve what's going on in the world of technology. Every one at least recognizes that we have come to the information age, but do they recognize what will dominate the information age? Do the youths that try to become relevant in this age recognize the industrial workspace they plan to build on?

One thing is obvious: The internet will become the aorta of the information age. Every single device will be connected to something. Majority of products and services that are used frequently by humans will be on the internet - within our immediate reach. The internet will become the portal you see in StarGate, or Harry Potter, a way to reach out to everything you need.

In this respect, I will take Microsoft for an examplary analogy. Have you taken time to see what the old company of 1983 is doing? Microsoft is trying to bring a new wine, but new wine does not fit into old skin, so they are gradually rebuilding the skin. That's why they are moving into the clouds and investing into products they think will dominate in this new era, Windows 8 has some of its files running on the internet.
Because Microsoft has realized that Operating Systems will not be a major issue in the information age. Soon operating sytems will simply be a way to connect to the internet. Still don't get it? Every single software or service you use on your PC will soon be accessible online. (and most are already accessible). You won't need to bother updating it. Companies will be held responsible for virus attacks on your files. Every single pc out there will simply become an advanced communication device. And the next version of devices will be robots and androids.

Our youths are being swept away by the tide of information left loose on the media. Most have put themself in a position where they simply sit back and watch the succesful ones, maybe due to the balance-seeking nature of the cosmos. They have easy access to an enormous unorganized amount of information to achieve success, and their mind now percieves success more as a fantasy than reality (even without them realizing it).

So why am I writing this?
I am writing this for the sake of the intelligent and inspired youths who want to set great foundations of success in this era. One of our major problems is our poor analytical skills. You cannot analyze correctly if you don't understand the situation you are facing. To understand properly, you need to be broad-minded, well-informed and organized. Read widely and stretch your imagination to its maximum. Let your creativity soar in boundless realms. We are the people that will define this age for our children and our generation, the old icons (like Alan Turing, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates) that are now growing old have done their best to set the pace. I have been impressed with a couple of Nigerians I have met, and this being my 20th year, I know my time is running out fast.

The most wonderful thing about technology is that it's the easiest tool you can use to bring an imagination to reality with a proper careful creation of the mind. Think about it, every good technology product you know today started in the mind of someone, few days later, it was born. We are coming close to a mind-power era (Imagine when you will be able to instruct robots to build a program for you).

Our creativity may have been surpressed by the poor education we recieve in our schools, but we can unleash our natural creativity by courage combined with the force of our imagination. It's the only way we can really bring to reality the expectations of humans for the information age.

I call upon you all, expressing my confidence and trust in you. Success comes only with a lot of hardwork and wisdom. If you haven't, make a decision now:
  • To read lesser but more powerful material, and focus more on organizing all the information you have in order to set a focused target for yourself.
  • To speak less about your desires in order not to make it appear like a dream/story to your mind.
  • And to realize that what goes on in our minds is too important, it's our sourceforge, our engine, it's the stuff that defines who we become.
God bless us all.