For the first time in my life, I feel special as a Nigerian, finding myself in a situation fit for the movies. Finally, there is a solid hope of the redemption of Nigeria, this strange unique country which seems to be handled differently by the cosmos compared to all other countries.
After several years of prayers by different religious and spiritual units spanned across the country, their finally seems to have arisen, a solution which can be seen to have spiritual attributes attached to it. The unexplainable rise of a humble servant to the presidential seat of the country, who did in no way rise by his own power/might in a politics filled with dirt and corruption rise to power. Suddenly all at once again, there seams to be a cleansing in the political system.
It rouses me and fills my chi with power, hope and strength. My time is near, and I have to gear up and get ready for my enormous future. A sun of hope has been born and I would be among her first and greatest stars.
It amuses me when I see young people who have no political experience judging this new found situation with their little wisdom. But I see it all as a divine construct, together the voice of the people are moulding a perfect solution for us as they identify the imperfection of the humble leader.
There is nothing as sweet as a good and humble heart in power, we all feel it in ourselves, some wonder why? They can't just see the reason? The power of belief is comparable to nothing. I have found a messiah clay and I believe I am skilled enough to use it.
I don't know about you, but... see you at the top!