At the present state of Nigeria, it's quite hard to come up with one single solution to the numerous problems faced by many in the country today. But still, I will like to say that your problem is non-clarity of our current state. Everybody knows that Nigeria is a country rich in resources and potentials to be among the greatest country in the world as predicted by the Goldman Sack's Investment bank on Wikipedia

However everyone does not know that our hunger for development and our indifference to patriotism has caused our nation to remain in an undeveloped state till today. How can a nation develop when there's no trust between the citizens and the citizens, the government and the government and the citizens and the government. It is high time we all forgive each other for our past mistakes and forget the tribulations of the past. We should help the government so the government can help us, because only thus can we move forward. Furthermore, we should remain unbiased to each other no matter which tribe or ethnic group we come from. It is true that Aguiyi Ironsi did this and died but if he really trusted his fellow man, what was all his odeshi protection about? besides, then is not now, and the hassle for power installed by our colonial masters had metamorphosed to a different case.

Good hearted men like the Late Yar'adua was in the seat, but having to face too many decisions kept him in a confused state. Our current president likewise is trying to take things easy. For the first time, I believe Nigeria has a listening president. But people still wonder why have we not seen the developments yet? I would say it's like you want to be a god, and suddenly you are a god, but you don't know what to do with your powers. Power is devilish and requires great control and discipline to use properly, more especially in a chaotic situation like Nigeria's.

So what is to be done then?

When we ask this  question, most will reply. Education, Power, Roads
So what have our respective ministers done about this? Do they think the problem with education is about having more schools and more  money made available to the teachers/lecturers? Why has Nigeria's educational curriculum not been revised till today? I will tell you why. It's because there is fear that many will not be able to teach with foreign standards and thus that many will lose their jobs.

Why is there no power yet? 99% of the middle class and higher depend on generators for their power, yet it is only this calls that the power provision can rely on for payment to maintain power. If buying and fueling of generators are banned, I bet you, there will be power all over Nigeria within 3 months. As for roads and most other problems, these problems lie with the government, there should be a complete road survey/inspection in Nigeria, not on a contract basis, but on a report basis. The citizens of Nigeria can provide information on the bad roads of Nigeria (through a website or sms) and the ones reported most/or even all can be repaired by the government based on most reported. 

Every single problem we have needs to be taken easy.
Nigeria needs good internet service and Government should provide this. MTN, Glo and Zain should be forced to reduce their browsing costs or I will continue to give people free browsing. Free internet service should be provided in schools and companies like Zinox Nigeria should also be promoted. IT Education should be integrated at all levels of education in schools. Careers that Nigeria needs for development like Business Careers, Information and Technology Careers, Agricultural or Green careers and Arts/Research should be promoted.

That Nigeria's entertainment industry is not the leading one today is because we do not have professional graphical design and video editing artists, thus our film tricks make our movies appear amateur and childish. That 70% of companies that try to startup in Nigeria fail is because they do not have a complete understanding of what they wanted to venture into and the conditions.

Governments can also help by sponsoring NGOs promoting business startup in Nigeria like the rDiscovery program. We cannot move ahead unless we understand our condition.

Let's corporate Nigeria. United and elite we move ahead, divided and illiterate we remain stale. It is your own responsibility in life to educate yourself and make the best out of what you have; but do you know what you have?

Edit: Considering the current state of the country, I'd say the best thing the government can do is to take the case of China and India as a case study in developing our country.