"Nigeria is a compact form or another word for an occurrence filled with complexities, or as they say normal in its all seeming abnormality. I firmly believe the only sunshine that can unveil the true solution to the already answered riddle enclosed in her embodiment is simplicity, time and determination. My essay might seem like a “problems and solutions” essay but it is not. It is simply a blunt, straight-to-the-point factual essay with no subtlety, and I am standing on a positive viewpoint.
Nigeria has had a past like any other country, a past filled with strife, hard work, fear, devotion and a lot of misunderstandings and confusions. Africans have always been a strong withstanding nation both in spiritual and physical strength. It is truth that colonialism brought faster development to her, but with the time stretch and span since she had been left in her independence, leaves a doubtful trace of betrayal in the sensitive mind.

If the British were able to achieve so much with the little resources they had, why could not they achieve much more in Nigeria? greed? fear? both? or both and even more? You tell me. Such educated people who had totally ridiculed and condemned all our local technology, culture and religion that we expected to breast feed us after studying us for some years left us in a state of disorder and someone suggests it is a coincidence and they could not have done anything about it?
The best way you can go about untying a knot is by learning how it was tied. Believe it or not we have been swimming in continuous redundant progression for 50 years. To solve Nigeria’s problems which I believe is the second indirect motive of this essay, we really need to think and look back to history in details.

If you are not aware of the cold outside, you will die even if you emerge after surviving the fear inside. Nigeria has both internal and external problems. To succeed, one must be aware of these so reality can pay him/her justice. Internally we are impatient, proud, selfish, greedy, impatient and impatient. I believe Nigeria was not yet ripe for independence when she chose it. Her pride could no longer tolerate the burden and pain of colonialism. While others stole technology from their colonial masters we betrayed our own country a lot of times in pure selfishness. One must watch these inherited traits to know be able to fight the internal war.

Externally, Nigeria is hated for her internal negative traits as mentioned above. The mindsets of her citizens are in a loop because it was left in an exact state that was contrary to their nature, leaving quite a large number of confused minds. Civilization is the hub of development and discovery is the catalyst. When catalysts are ignored, suppressed or killed and movement is clogged with confusion how can a reaction take place? Our dreams move jet speed faster than our reality due to the suppressive environment created by the government and unfriendly international intelligence. While the regime is a great threat to the development of its own country, a good understanding by any of the two (the regime or the citizens) would solve all our external problems.

From the current situation our future is a promisingly bright and glorious one. Enormous amounts of Nigerian minds have been stimulated and red hot right now. The knots that have been tied on the country are getting worn out and about to break. An intelligent, simple-appearing government is what we need for just three years or so and the engines of our breakthrough will be ready to rev.

As for being 50 right now, there is nothing we can boast of. I think the best thing for everyone to do is to keep what is needed for development and wait for the whistle. We must be patriotic and unselfish to our country if we really want it to survive. What we have in Nigeria are not corrupt politicians but corrupt minds. The system of politics is like a lavatory in which the dirtiness is double that of the minds involved in it. We must do what we must do and that is to strive on as bravely and confidently as we have always done in the old days. Sometime soon, Nature will play its role in balancing the environment. It always does. Good citizens make a good nation."

Wrote this on a day before I submitted it and didn't even care for a re-read coz I was afraid of my expressions