I have always been afraid of the question "Do I deserve heaven?". The answer is unclear because I am emotionally biased on the issue. Why would one merit heaven if he is no better than the devil? Do you truthfully think you are better than the devil? Are you not proud, arrogant and unrepentant like him? As for me, I know I cannot answer these questions without feeling guilt.
Imagine if your father is a King and you are the second most powerful next to him. What's the probability that it will not cross your mind to stop bowing down to him and singing praises to him like any other person else? When you are almost as equally powerful and know that you can command your own army?

If you want to look at this matter closely? Almost all of us do not want to be under any authority. When we think we are equal to someone else we would rather leave and form our own group. For instance when a man graduates, he usually goes to work for a company, soon as he gets enough money, even if he's paid well, 60 percent of the time, he will leave the company and start his own. And even if the other company is against that he wouldn't leave his company and back; apparently because of the glory he deserves from it.

I don't doubt that there are so many people that are as proud, arrogant and unrepentant as the devil today. I now wonder whether we are the children of the devil or children of God? Are children of God the type of people who demonstrate the kind of behaviour and desire like the children of this generation? I really don't think so! And I'm totally ashamed and annoyed.

Pray to God that your pride may not lead you to sin. Pray to God that you might demonstrate a heart of service like Jesus who washed the feet of his disciples. That you can devote yourself and all you are to Him. As for me I can't help myself. If you really care maybe you should try praying for my heart to change. That's the only way I can change and be able to help myself.