Sometimes, I reflect back into my early days. When I was young. Tiny bits of memory strung from personal and told to create a living memory. It feels great to be loved by all, it feels great that at the time we are introduced to the world, some of us are lucky enough to experience heaven on earth as a kid. But then as we grow up, reality turns into dream. We start to learn that deception is the way of the world. But then at a certain point, after we have grown, there's a new point where we can get all young again, and experience a new heaven. A point in life that creates the most difficult situations, the highest emotions, the most complex questions and a peak of almost everything.
At times I ask myself.. what's the point in making the world better? or even attempting to? What do we call success? Is it happiness? satisfaction? or both? What good can be done to a world awaiting destruction? The only immortal and most precious things on earth are humans? But these precious beings die everyday. We struggle each day to make our lives better? But can we discover a cure to immortality in our aging skin? To live a life in which you know must end soon, to make achievements in a world that must end, they all seem strange, foreign, insane. But the only thing that makes us to do it is Love, and some say that Love is God; this I have come to believe.
Love is the most precious gift of man, and the most valuable thing on earth. It is not of this world but we are capable of it. A proof of our ethereal background. In incomplete love, everything seems abnormal, but when it is powered by two lives. It is completely surreal.
In this 'decaying world', I might not be able to get what I desire most, but I will give it to the fullest. To love is a privilege, but production of life is more than just a privilege. It's a power, to create a new temple for the Lord. To have a new immortal soul on earth and have it in our care. .to guide to destiny's crib or fate's lair.
But I will not give up. Both our past and future are all memories; passive and active. To see into the past demands ability to use our physical eye, and the future our inner eye. But the only thing that exists is Now. I shall therefore make best use of every now I spend throughout my lifetime, and for this I need grace. More than ever before!
Guide me Lord, on destiny's path!