There are several group of mosquitoes I have witnessed. Some are fun to watch

Group 1. The hyperactive. These ones are usually found in times of water scarcity, they have very high bloodlust and can fly around with great speed. They participate in the major mosquito athletics.
1. Ballerina: When they perform this kind of dance, it is an indication that it is happy and not so hungry. Probability of catching this type with a clap is 1 out of 20 claps.

2. F1 Racers. These types just zoom across your ear in a straight line blaring there horns right inside your ear as they pass by. They are both hungry and angry athletes. Their goal is to distract you enough with speed so you don't get to know when they settle on you to feed. Probability of catching this type is 1 out of 50 claps

3. The SpeedSkaters: This is a more powerful breed of the f1 racers. These ones just zoom across in an irregular or curvy pattern without noise, they don't seek to distract with noise but with motion. Rather than whooze past your ears, they will whooze past your eyes. The probability of catching this type is 0 because you won't even try it for fear of beating/mashing up your face in the process.

4. The last group are the Heavyweight boxing champions, these usually consist of fat women-mosquitoes who have fed on so much blood and go about sharing it around. They are usually very slow in movement and can be easily caught. However their uniqueness is that they go straight to the point and start sucking your blood. Myth has it that the earliest vampires had a connection with this bloodsucking breed. :p

---Culled from the Encyclopedia of Mosquito Adventures with Opata Chibueze---