It's crawling in. It's not one. They are many.. It is preparing for the inevitable. The road is getting confusing. But the way is still clear. You only have to look with your lower eyes.
Sometimes it gets stuck in your mind. You wonder how and why? But then you don't actually do. Because it's not the 'you' that you can control that controls it. So in the end you rely on that which has failed many times.. The opinion of the 'many'
Many are called but few are chosen. The end always draw near coz time never stops ticking. Every second you're growing older, new opportunities to settle down your dreams to the earth.
So when the going gets tough, keep in mind that it is only a surety that the end is bigger. Because big dreams require tough people. Align to your calling.. You know it's the truth because it's in you.
Time Flies..
But yet, you have to be ahead of time?..
So you know what to do?
Wings are not enough this time around.
Get in touch with technology.. Get empowered and fly faster than light!
Your time is NOW!