Many people have wildly different definitions for love. If everyone is asked to describe the world 'Love', a 1000-paged book might not contain it all. This is because Love is integrated to our heart, mind and soul. When it reaches these different parts of us, we become possessed and overwhelmed by it.

Love usually starts from the mind. For instance, when you see an attractive person or become enchanted after talking with him/her, the next step thing you know, you start thinking about the person... Lo and behold, you fall lovesick.

Sometimes it can start from the heart, maybe from a little act of kindness or care, then the heart starts to grow fond of the person and then the mind follows suit

In very rare cases, we can fall in love simply by sensing someone around, you start to feel something strange, before you know it, you get eye-locked with someone and for a moment, the whole world is still, you become speechless, and if you mutter a word at that moment, you'd feel like the most foolish thing on earth.. Yeah, there are things likesoulmates.

But then, the confusing thing is.. there often seem to be a lot of problems.. Love seems to confuse a lot of people, and many end up feeling like committing suicide, or becoming heartless, or just frozen.
Heartbreaks are dreaded by guys and ladies alike.. (when he or she is truly in love).

<h3>An Analogy</h3>
Imagine the heart is a glass house with a door. It may be colored or transparent depending on whether you are an open lover(people know about your relationship) or a closed lover (people do not know about your relationship). The door may be strong and secure depending on how open you are to people.
The way you treat a visitor is the way the visitor will like to come to your house. When you are in a relationship, you close your door and after marriage, you lock up your house and give no room for visitors wishing to come in.. You can talk to them through the door phone or in front of your door.

Sometimes, an enchanting visitor gets to come in and you want the person to stay in forever and share everything with you. Before you know it, you both lock the door and enjoy yourselves, but if the door remains shut, somehow, one is likely to want to go out especially if he/she's bored and always seeing more interesting things outside your house. Then the person might want to live your house, because he/she feels locked up and needs fresh air, but then you refuse to open the door.
At this stage, the person might decide to leave by force, and when this happens, it can be disastrous, he/she might decide to quietly and trickily collect the key from you and open the door and leave, or frustrate you so that you just open the door yourself out of frustration, or just force the door open, sometimes breaking the door, or might just blast the door into pieces and leave your house in shambles for you. This reckless state can be really tough for some people. They have no shelter anymore, nothing left to enjoy in life until they repair their houses. The house can really take a very long time to repair but you must allow workers to work on it.

Using this analogy, we might come up with some simple heartcare rules:

  1. Never give the key to your house to anyone

  2. Watch your visitors carefully to find out their intentions.
  3. It's not advisable to have too many people in your house at once
  4. You have to clean up and freshen up your house every day to make sure it is nice and comfortable

  5. Some visitors might be thieves, or assassins, you gotta screen them

  6. When you finally have someone at home, don't forget to allow the person to go outside and have receive air once in a while.

  7. When someone wants to go, it's much better you open the door for the person, than waiting for the person to break the door. That way, it will be easier for the person to come back and also your door will be open for new visitors.

You can think of more rules!

Make Your Own World!