If you seriously need to start up a business or finding it difficult thinking about requirements for your goals, then this note is for you.

Many have failed to understand the fact that everything comes from nothing. The world itself was made from nothing but by a much higher limitless intelligent mind, unrestrained by the boundaries of time or matter. Imagine the world thousand of years ago when man had nothing, then look at the new world with skyscrapers, cars, nuclear weapons, air planes, massive ships, mobile phones and all sorts of things man has made. They all came from the very substance of the earth itself. All wealth was made from earth. Tools were made from trees and stones to rich contents of the earth. Metal was mined from the crust of the earth and Gold was minde from mountains. The wealth of the earth is continuosly harvested in different ways.

Long ago when there was nothing like money, everyone worked for him/herself until slaves were defined. Industrialization was founded. Man discovered the power of the master mind - the power of divided labour. Since then industrialization has been redefined again and again. Today we have entered the information age, an age where information is quite costly. Today, you can harvest wealth right from your own very self. You need only discover your talents, develop them and turn them into wealth. The 'hammers and anvils' you need to do this is simply to learn how best to utilize them. These are merely communication tools like books, videos, audio books and the rest of them. What's more, your talent is more precious than a gold mine, because the gold never gets exhausted. It is only non-existent when you fail to use it.

Everything is within you. God has given you everything you need to succeed. You need only to open your eyes, see and take action. Read the signs of nature, look at the plants, flowers, and birds. They simply demand all they need from the earth.

The earth supports growth because the earth was made for plants, animals and most importantly you. You need only demand what you need. If there are three steps to getting anything you want, the first step is to convince yourself of what you want to achieve and believe and determine you will achieve it. The second step is to convince the earth (or the world) in that same way and the last of all is to do all in your powers.

With this kind of zeal and courage, which is not as easy as it sounds, nothing will be impossible for us. Let's take action today and also encourage everyone around us. Set precise goals, visualize your desired ends, and put in your best in what you do. Together we'll conquer the world. Let's do this. Goodluck as you join the perilous race of success.